About UNiQ Realty

Providing unparalleled value for Realtors® so that they can do what they do best

Since it’s inception in 2008, UNiQ Realty  has provided brokers and homeowners the latest in real estate technology and marketing tools, giving them the resources they need for hassle-free, seamless transactions. We are driven by our purpose to bring happiness, peace, and financial prosperity to our clients because we believe the home is the centerpiece of one’s life where laughter, love, and memories are imagined and realized. We are unique in how we operate, how we serve, and in who we are.

Our mission is to level the playing field between the hard-working Realtors who risk their own time and money to start, build, and grow their business and Brokerages who are capitalizing on agents through franchise fees, high commission splits and so many other fees without providing their agents with proper support, effective training, and relevant tools or technology while expecting Realtors to spend their own money branding and marketing the brokerage’s name.

We empower real estate agents to become the CEO of their own business, build and promote their own brand while growing a successful business that will last for generations to come.

UNiQ Agents are a community of hard working professionals who share the same vision and help each other achieve higher levels of success in building their own independent businesses.

18575 Jamboree Road, Suite 600
Irvine, CA 92612


Phone: (949) 607 – 8004
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